How to book a room


How to Book

At some point we hope to have an online booking system, but for now, you will need to use the phone, email or post. The normal process for booking one of our rooms is as follows:

  1. Phone or email us with your requirements in terms of rooms, dates and times. Call the Centre Manager on 01452 814567 on Tues or Thurs 9.00 -12.00  or send her an email at
  2. Download and complete a booking form ( or ask us to send you one) and read the Standard Conditions of Hire.
  3. Return the Booking Form to the Centre Manager with a cheque for the appropriate deposit or payment.
  4. The Centre Manager will confirm the booking by post or email with an invoice showing you have paid your deposit.
  5. The Centre Manager will contact you to make arrangements for you to access the building and to answer any additional questions you may have.

The documents you need are all set out in the links below.

New Hire Fees 2014

Booking Form Regular Bookings

Full Booking Info 15 16

Wedding booking form info 16 17

Standard conditions of hire
Important fire safety information
Checklists for users


How to pay

Our system for payment is by cheque. A deposit is payable on booking and the balance within 14 days of receipt of an invoice.