Wick-Flix FAQs

Is Wick-Flix a regular event?
Yes it is. We generally screen movies on the first Friday of each month, however occasionally we need to shift the date if there is prior booking for the hall. We take a summer and winter break so there will be no screening in August and December. Always check the dates on our website or social media.

What’s included in the ticket price?
Your ticket gives you access to the movie and acts as a voucher for one free drink from our Wick-Flix on-the-night selection of wines, beers, lagers and soft drinks. Beyond that it depends on the night and whether or not our sponsors are planning a promotion, but we are pretty sure you won’t be disappointed and if you are them please do let us know.

Can we pre-book tickets?
No. We will continue to review this, but for the time being there is a fixed number of seats in the hall and they are available on the night on a first come first served basis. It is best to come early so as to avoid disappointment on the night and we do apologise in advance to anyone that we have to turn away at the door.

In the interest of fairness to all, we will only sell seats to more than two people if all members of their group are present. If absolutely necessary guests may leave the hall providing they have their ticket with them, but re-entry will not be possible after 7.30pm.

Can you screen independent, classic and foreign movies?
Wick-Flix focuses on recently released mainstream movies. Each screening costs us upwards of £100 in licence fees alone, so if we do start showing more niche movies there is a risk that the numbers won’t cover the costs. On the other hand if anyone is interested in setting up an “indie” cinema club within the Wick-Flix umbrella please step forward and let us know.

How do I become a Wick-Flix volunteer?
We depend on our wonderful volunteers so if you would like to help in some way we would love to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected].

Can you show family or children’s movies over the weekends?
We have tried this, but the numbers were very low and we made a big loss. It is hard to see a children’s format that would justify itself at the moment, but we will revisit this in due course. Although our focus is on grown-ups, we aim to screen a mixture of movies covering drama, action, comedy, musicals etc. so that there is something for everyone. When the film certification allows, children aged 12 or older are welcome.

Can you improve the sound quality on some movies?
The sound quality varies from movie to movie and in some cases it can be difficult to follow speech, particularly when mumbled or when there is background noise. We have some excellent sound equipment and we do our best to optimise the settings to suit the conditions on the night.

Can you do something to discourage flies from buzzing round the projector?
We have installed electronic fly-traps and we are confident that this will solve the problem.

Is there anything you can do to help those of us who are hard of hearing?
Yes. The Beacon Hall is equipped with a Hearing Loop. You can access by tuning to Channel T. If you are having trouble tuning in please ask one of our staff for help. We can also adjust the audio controls if necessary.


Tell us ...

It is really important for us to get good feedback from you so we very much appreciate you taking the time to let us know what we are doing well or could be doing better.

Feedback forms are available at each screening and you can always email us.