Activities for young people

Photography Feb 23

Photography workshops

with Catherine Harder

Document Your Days
Sat 4th February 2023, 10am-1pm
A fun introduction to using a DSLR camera, with simple exercises to introduce children to the art of photography. How to focus, compose and look for interesting light. Suitable for beginners as well as those who want to refine their DSLR skills. What’s included: user friendly Canon cameras, 5 (4x6) prints, private online gallery to print, share & download your photographs.

Creative Photography
Sat 18th February 2023, 10am-1pm

£30 pp
A morning of playing with creative photography techniques. Shoot through prisms, copper rings & fairy lights to create some unusual images of Painswick. Suitable for beginners. What’s included: user friendly Canon cameras, 5 (4x6) prints, private online gallery to print, share & download your photographs.

Learn How to Use a DSLR in 3 Days!
Tues 21st/Weds 22nd/Thurs 23rd February, 10am-1pm
£99 pp

Tuesday: How to Shoot in Manual
Wednesday: Composition & Framing
Thursday: Colour Theory
Learn how to take control of a DSLR camera to capture the world around you. We’ll look at macro, portraiture, documentary & landscape photography and use the beautiful surroundings of Painswick to inspire our creativity. We’ll be printing during the workshop too. Straightforward and not too techy teaching will get you up and running on day one! Come dressed for a wander in the village as we explore and create. What’s included: user friendly Canon cameras, 15 (4x6) prints, private online gallery to print, share & download your photographs.

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About Catherine:
Catherine Harder is a photographer with a passion for teaching children the art of photography. She’s enjoyed teaching Years 5 & 6 how to use DSLRs at Sheepscombe Primary School, and has previously worked in mental health research at University College London and organised public philosophy events at the London School of Economics. She has degrees in Philosophy & Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Science and Certificate for Counselling Children in Schools. An interest in mental health and the arts led her to recently complete training as a Mindful Photography Facilitator.

Children's Art Class Spring 2023

Art classes

with Hannah Ellis

After school classes for ages 7-11 with artist & teacher Hannah Ellis are back! In these classes children will look at artworks & artists to inspire them, and develop skills using different media, including watercolour, sculpture, & collage. Each week they'll get to let their creativity run free to make their own unique artwork.

Wednesdays 3.45-5.15pm
From 1st February 2023 for 3 weeks£15/class or £40/term*
From 1st March 2023 for 4 weeks£15/class or £53/term*

*Reduced rates are available, please ask for more details.

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Coming soon: Easter holiday art workshops for ages 5-11

The Art of Correspondence

Keep in Touch: The Art of Correspondence workshop

with Valerian Illustration

Saturday 25th February, 10am or 1pm: £35

A beautiful opportunity for a child and an adult to attend a workshop together, to learn the (almost!) forgotten art of written and decorated letter writing. The act of writing a letter, decorating it, and posting it is a creative and satisfying way to encourage children to practise writing, while doing some arts and crafts. Most of our post nowadays is made up of bills, perhaps with the odd birthday card thrown into the mix. As a child, particularly one accustomed to the immediate response times of modern technology, a letter addressed to them, decorated with pictures and stamps, could be a very exciting thing.

The structure of the session includes: an introduction and brief demonstration on drawing and painting; an activity for both adults and children to start designing and decorating their letters; options to try origami letter folds; and children's tips for how to write a letter. Tea, coffee, biscuits, and squash will be included, along with all materials.

Your booking includes admission for one adult and one child. Each pair will receive a booklet of resources to take away at the end of the class. This workshop is of course open to other forms of family groupings but is ideally aimed at a child and a person with whom they’d like to correspond.  The upper age limit on this class is flexible and older children are welcome to experiment with more complicated designs if they’d like to attend. Please get in touch if you’d like to bring an additional child, as this is space dependent.

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Ballyhoo Dance

Dance classes

with Ballyhoo Dance

Monday afternoons
Free taster sessions available

In the Beacon Hall

These classes held in the Beacon Hall aim to give children an introduction to modern dance with a strong emphasis on fun! Classes are run by Julie of Ballyhoo Dance, a friendly dance & theatre school based in the Stroud Valleys.

Primary dance: 3.45 – 4.15pm
Grade 1 Modern beginners: 4.15 – 4.45pm
Grade 1 Modern/Primary tap: 4.45 – 5.25pm
Grade 1 tap: 5.25-6pm
Grade 2/3 Modern: 6-6.40pm
Grade 4 Modern: 6.40-7.20pm

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07970 911 103