Blossom Robin
Blossom Robin
Blossom Robin massage

Massage & Reflexology

with Blossom Robin

11am - 8pm
Upstairs in the Green Room

Blossom says:
My aim is to provide the time and space for people to switch off, relax and find their grounding again. I want people to leave feeling re-connected with themselves, the earth, and their own needs as well as being aware of others around them and the environment they inhabit.

Reflexology can have a very grounding effect, helping to balance the mind in times of stress and anxiety. After massaging the feet to relax them, I use gentle pressure on specific reflex points, on each foot, to release areas of tension elsewhere in the body. 

For massage I can have a gentle approach, but when needed I can use hands free techniques, such as forearms and elbows to work deep tissue into problem areas. Using a combination of techniques each treatment is tailored to an individual's needs.

To book:
07552 653651

Kate Beatty
Mindfulness Mondays
Kate B Yoga

Mindfulness Meditation

with Kate B

Upstairs in the Cotswold Room

Kate says:
Mindfulness meditation 
can help relieve stress & anxiety, improve sleep, and bring balance to our lives. It allows us to be fully present and to meet any situation with kindness and compassion.

Kate also runs yoga classes at the Centre on Wednesdays (see more info below).

To book:
07793 126243

Yoga with Kim

Yoga & Pilates

We have a number of yoga & Pilates classes, including for pregnant women, taking place each week at The Painswick Centre, as well as other fitness classes.