Who We Are

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The Painswick Centre is managed by a group of Trustees who are responsible for looking after this community resource.

The Trustees are either nominated representatives of the Painswick Centre users, or appointed at the AGM in September.

The current Trustees are:

John Williamson - Chairman

Adrian Gyde - Treasurer

Ceri Chaplin - Secretary

Steve Brignall

Kim Brockett

Mahboob Hussain

Dawn Jolley

David Loose

Antonia Wright



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A Community Resource

In October 2023, the Trustees were pleased to announce that, working with the Parish Council, The Painswick Centre has been successfully registered as an Asset of Community Value. This means that   if at any stage future trustees try to sell the property, it has to be offered to the community first and they have a six month period of exclusivity. The registration applies to the entire curtilage which includes the buildings, cottage, car park gardens and bowling green.  This registration further protects the Centre as an important part of Painswick.